Modern Sales Presentation Techniques

Modern Sales Presentation Techniques

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Modern Sales Presentation Techniques

Different Sales Presentation Styles

This makes it clear that a particular style of sales presentation cannot appeal to all categories of prospects in an equally satisfying way. While some prospects will find certain sales presentation methods very attractive, others may find them unimpressive and unimportant, based on their perceptions, religious tendencies, value judgments, social status, investment expectations, and so on.

“One man’s flesh,” they said, “is another man’s poison.” Some prospects still prefer the short, to the point and value-oriented sales presentation method, while others prefer a more detailed sales presentation speech. It just emphasizes the difference in taste and style.

Obviously, aspects of a service or product that are attractive to certain customer categories may not necessarily be attractive to other customer segments due to cultural differences, value judgments, perceptions, needs, and investment priorities. I have observed, for example, that businesses respond better to sales presentations that focus on safety of funds, value, continuity of service, promise fulfillment, customer relationship management, return on investment, and professionalism, depending on the nature of the product or service. . .

On the other hand, civil servants and certain professional categories seek professionalism, security of funds, status enhancement, customer relationship management, family financial protection, a happy retirement life, and promise fulfillment. While the business world places more emphasis on profit, civil servants place more emphasis on service delivery, satisfaction and customer service.

I have had several instances where a change in sales presentation style caused a change of heart even by the same prospect. When I presented life insurance services to a medical doctor using grades and detailed presentation he ignored me for four years as if I was talking rubbish but when I used a needs and solutions approach in providing the same service he immediately invested and … Read more